Group Strategic Approach

The Group strives to operate its business in a sustainable manner that recognises environmental and social impacts. The Group believes that identifying, measuring and being accountable to its stakeholders through sustainability reporting (Economic, Environmental, Social and Governance) has potential for long-term business success. To this end, the Group is moving towards sustainable business practices contained in the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI’s) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines in informing the way it will engage with its stakeholders, identify material issues, respond to matters and being accountable to its broad range of stakeholders. The long-term goal is to build business that is driven by inclusivity, responsiveness and sustainable business practices while contributing to sustainable development in the places it operates. The Group will undertake capacity development of established Sustainability teams. These teams will be responsible for assisting management with the identification, management and disclosure of material issues pertaining to economic, environmental and social impacts and opportunities arising from the Group’s operations using the GRI Sustainability Guidelines.